Theo-       {Greek}, “A Supreme Being, Energy, or Force, from which All Else Is Subservient”


Gnosis-  {Greek}“Esoteric, Intuitive knowledge gained or achieved through direct experience; Spirit and Soul United; A Complete Awakening"


TheoGnosticism- A collective system or collection of systems of which Humanity has used to achieved Gnosis throughout History; that is beyond religion, race, or material, and is Divine in Nature and Origin.

Since the creation of Man there has existed a force that has attempted to prevent Humanity from the true Gnosis of What we truly are; and our Divine Origin - beyond that of the physical body.  Likewise; this sacred knowledge has been in the possession of Humanity since the origin of the Soul.


The TheoGnostic Society provides All who desire the higher truths; the answers to the mysteries that lay within the Soul.

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