What is TheoGnosis?

There is a power that interposed itself between our Eternal Spirit and that of it is Divine Source.  This separation is the singular source of the endless search within mankind; it is the reason why we do not know what it is we search for, yet the search continues.


Yet the tools are given to us today as they were in the garden, it is for us to decide, individually, if we are to live out this existence as a wanderer or a seeker; for the moment that our eyes open, our soul awakened to the first glimpse of the path of light, the maze changes.

We see that the walls are not made of limitless height and indestructible materials, and as we gain a deeper more clear understanding, we begin

to see the methods and materials used to manufacture this matrix.


In short, we awaken to see that this material world for what it is and we learn that what we share with our cosmic home is more than just eternal life.  It is the One Source from which we All originate and will inevitably return.


Gnosis is an ongoing process of both internal and external transcendental experiences of immeasurable proportion.  Internally it is one’s personal experience with various forms of transcendence that forms the psyche of the seeker into the path of illumination to all forces seen and unseen in the universe allowing for truth to arrive within the mind body and soul of the humbled ego.


This internal transformation manifests externally from the limited three-demensional reality of your “today” towards the unbound indestructible possibilities of the proverbial “tomorrow” when one obtains this Gnosis; at any degree Actuality becomes the only reality when the truth within all is awakened.

The walls of yesterday suddenly lose all existence providing a clear and undeniable view of the universe its creator and all things within.


Gnosticism, as a whole, is the Cup or Arch in which all of the keys and experiences are held safely within the Universal Covenant of the Eternal Keepers- far beyond the desires that move the hand of man- yet close enough for the eyes to see in the grandest of detail, removing any doubt or question as to the source of the Cosmic Truth of All Existence and your unique purpose within it.


A TheoGnostic is one who is in search first and foremost of the highest level of Eternal Truth.  This Eternal Truth is the Gnosis of “God” not the Gnosis possessed by God.  First comes the Awareness, then, and only when the Seeker has humbled his/herself to this sacred Gnosis will the Awakening occur, where the Universe be presented to the Seeker in the manner unique to his or her own range of perception at that moment.


This is the difference between the search lead by desire and that of one by Divine Will.

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