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Since the dawn of Humanity symbolism has played a vital role in the preservation of ancient Spiritual Paths of Ascension. Such symbolism is the definition of Gnosis, for when one is able to look at a symbol from the pastor a monograph from many of the "Secret Societies" that make up the majority of discussions in our present time.


One of the oldest known symbols of Gnosis is held highest by TheoGnostics since the beginning.  The "Triquetra" is the latin expression of this symbol.  In the west many recognize a of this symbol as the "Celtic Knot" and to the east as a variation of "Solomon's Knot", and whereas both expressions lend the reader a glimpse as to the connection between Mystical traditions of the past; amongst cultures that did not "know" of one another, the origins are much more ancient and well preserved through the TheoGnostic Society and is explained to you now.


The Journey of the Soul, as it relates to the Soul manifested within the Material Plane is that of Three Part.  The First being the Awareness of an existence beyond that of this Material Plane.  This is one of the most important moments that one can ever experience in their life, for this is when you truly start living and thinking beyond the Mortal Existence.


The Second being the Awakening, this step or process is one that has no ending.  The Process of Awakening is endless as is the mysteries of the Cosmos or the depth of the Soul for the human mind is not capable of achieving all knowledge within.  It is however, able to understand the Laws that make up all that is above and all that is below.  This is where Gnosis is achieved, in the understanding and application of these Laws within all aspects of thought and actions. 


The Third and final stage is that of Ascension.  This step is not reserved to the "After Life" or post-mordem as religions collectively claim; save for the few "chosen" individuals commonly referred to as "Prophets"who's lives would live on, there messages often changed to mold a new ideology based around the desire of the ruling few.  Ascension can and does occur throughout the life of All Awakened Beings and All who bear a Soul have this ability.  This is the meaning of of Gnosis- it is the process of accessing "Knowledge through Understanding" and to obtain this Knowledge one must first obtain the keys to access the immeasurable halls of the Universe.

We hope that this brief explaination sheds some light on the subject of Symbolism within Humanity.






























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