TheoGnostic Mantras / Statement of Beliefs



There is One Creator of All Eternal Life, This Force is the reason for All Existence and Exists within the All.


This Eternal Creator has been referenced by many names since the first stages of Mankind Enlightenment and although the names vary throughout history they all are an attempt to describe this One Force that embodies the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine of Cosmic Creation that is beyond material in All aspects of its very nature of Existence. 

Some of the various names include but are not limited to; “The One”, “The All”, “The Source”, “The GodHead”, “The Supreme Creator”, or “God”.


All variations and emanations (Superior beings / Angelic beings) that have claimed the title “God” over Humanity; although Divine in Essence, due to their origination from the One Source, cannot be that which All was created from.  For Any and All manifestation in any material plane, whether in the form of a physical body or an etheric light are material, and therefore materialized within the range of confirmation within the five sensibilities of Man.

For the material world as a collective is not Eternal and therefore “God”, or the One Creator of Eternal Existence is Wholly Eternal, beyond material in very Essence; and therefore only materializes in the form of the divine spark within All Consciousness collectively a part of that which remains Eternal.


We Honor All Creation, as well the Order which creation occurred.

We seek the guidance of such creation, as we recognize that creations as a whole is here to assist itself ascend back to the harmonic existence of our Source Origin.


We utilize the various Gifts of Creation; in All Kingdoms of Creation in an honorable manner to provide assistance for health, healing, and to reach Divination.


We understand that the nature of creation manifested in the order of the One creating All Conscious Spirit; then from this Spirit the Material Planes of Existence came in the form and order of the and Mineral Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, then Animal Kingdom, from which Mankind was the last form created. 


We recognize that Although Mankind is considered a part of the Animal Kingdom, on the most fundamental planes of existence we are connected to the Mineral and Plant Kingdoms It is this connection through Universal Love that defines our true eternal existence

It is only through this fundamental understanding can one truly reach a complete Awarenesswhich opens the gates of the Awakening to the wonderous Gnosis of the Cosmos.


We understand that our Existence is both Material and Spirit and therefore we honor both the body and the mind, but we remember that eternally we are Spiritual Beings; and as such, we do not worship any aspect of the material creation, including that of our own body nor material mind.


We honor the messengers and teachers, who came before us, but we do not worship them; for we understand that there is only one true message that encompasses all Existence, and many ways to describe or teach it.


The Prophets of the past did there very best to help guide Humanity as a whole and it is our duty to use their teachings, or portions of these teachings, collectively, while maintaining true Gnosis and fundamental understanding that they are from the very same source as we; therefore if we do not worship our own body or mind, the same truth holds to that of theirs.









Copyright International TheoGnostic Society 2014

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